IXS Subcommittee on Education and Dissemination

T.I. Morrison, Chair

Purpose: The IXS recognizes the importance of education and outreach in x-ray absorption spectroscopy, and to this end it has instituted a Subcommittee on Education and Dissemination . Th e purpose of this committee is to develop educational and outreach programs to help assure that the highest possible standards are taught and subsequently maintained by the international XAFS community. In order to do this, the c ommittee must be proactive in its operation and take the lead in developing the means and materials by which the principles of x-ray absorption spectroscopy can be effectively communicated and taught to a broad range of users of this technique.

Proposed membership:

Britt Hedman, SSRL
Barry Dobson, Daresbury
J. Regnard, Grenoble
John Rehr, U. Washington
Members from Japan and the developing world need to be identified

Specific short-term initiatives:

- The evaluation and comparison of various formal and informal educational activities in XAFS spectroscopy around the world;

- The assessment of the educational needs of the international community at all levels of expertise;

- The development of a system that will permit facile upgrades of course materials and will take advantage of new means of dissemination as technological advances arise;

- The development, or synthesis, of a set of standardized curricula and guidelines that can be used in IXS approved courses; and,

- The development of accreditation criteria for institutions offering IXS approved courses.

Operational plan and resources needed: Because of the amount of work to be done in developing these initiatives, it is necessary for this Committee to meet periodically - up to three times a year, with additional interactions through e-mail or teleconferencing. In addition, it will be necessary at some level to attend and survey current educational activities. Because of these needs, it would be highly desirable to develop a means of supporting these activities within the framework of the IXS

Contact Information:

Tim Morrison
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Department Of Physics
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