Yasuo Izumi

Name: Yasuo Izumi
Title: Dr.
Institution: Tokyo Institute of Technology
Address: 4259 Nagatuta, Midori-ku
City, ZIP code: Yokohama 226-8502
Country: Japan
E-mail: yizumi@chemenv.titech.ac.jp
Web page: http://www.chemenv.titech.ac.jp/izumi/
Interests: Environmental science, Catalysis, Instrumentation, Materials science
Keywords: catalysis, environment, site-selective, fluorescence spectrometry, XAFS, metal cluster
Brief description of the work:
I have been working on XAFS studies applied to heterogeneous catalysts (model catalysts, environmental catalysts) and environmental materials, and model inorganic complexes of biological analogue. Site-selective XAFS has been investigated to study these samples site-selectively and in higher energy resolution.