Wojciech Gawelda

Name: Wojciech Gawelda
Title: Mr.
Institution: Institute of Condensed Matter Physics
Address: University of Lausanne
City, ZIP code: Lausanne-Dorigny CH-1018
Country: Switzerland
E-mail: Wojciech.Gawelda@ipmc.unil.ch
Web page: http://www.unil.ch/ipmc/docs/mc/wg/address.html
Interests: Theory, Liquids, Novel data analysis methods, SEXAFS, Time-resolved studies, Combined techniques, X-ray detectors, Quick EXAFS, XANES, femtosecond x-ray pulses
Keywords: time-resolved x-ray absorption spectroscopy, synchrotron radiation, synchrotron x-ray pulses, time-resolved XANES, pump-probe
Brief description of the work:
We are currently successfully carrying on some liquid-phase pump-probe experiments where we have implemented ultrafast x-ray absorption to trace the condensed phase dynamics (picosecond time scale). We are using laser-pump synchrotron-x-ray-probe scheme (we’re running our experiments at the ALS, Berkeley) with the temporal resolution of ca. 75 ps (cross-correlation) in order to record transient XANES and EXAFS signals in various chemical diluted systems flown in a opened jet (helium atmosphere)