Weisener Christopher

Name: Weisener Christopher
Title: Dr.
Institution: University of Waterloo
Address: 200 University Ave. West
City, ZIP code: Waterloo N2L3G1
Country: Canada
E-mail: cgweisene@scborg.uwaterloo.ca
Interests: Environmental science, Geochemistry, SEXAFS, Soft X-ray spectroscopy, Quick EXAFS, XANES
Keywords: environmental mineralogy,surface science, soil remediation,dissolution studies
Brief description of the work:
Remediation studies on soils and aquifers,environmental mineralogy,identifying contaminant transport mechanisms,identification of secondary minerals and partial crystalline phases in mine tailings to aid in predictive modelling,characterization of mineral surface structures from natural and laboratory settings, mineral/microbial interactions,adsorption/dissolution studies.