Timothy Strathmann

Name: Timothy Strathmann
Title: Dr.
Institution: University of Illinois
Address: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
City, ZIP code: Urbana 61801
Country: United States of America
E-mail: strthmnn@uiuc.edu
Web page: http://www.uiuc.edu/unit/EnvEng/Strathmann.html
Interests: Environmental science, Geochemistry, Liquids, Coordination chemistry
Keywords: environmental chemistry, metal-organic interactions, metal adsorption, metal complexation, ternary complexes, humics, anoxic
Brief description of the work:
Research examines the interplay between metals and organic compounds in aquatic systems, and assesses the roles that metal-organic interactions play in natural biogeochemical processes, contaminant fate, and engineered treatment systems. Work focuses on biogeochemical processes in suboxic and anoxic environments.