Sven L.M. Schroeder

Name: Sven L.M. Schroeder
Title: Dr.
Institution: Molecular Materials Centre, UMIST - University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
Address: Department of Chemical Engineering
City, ZIP code: Manchester M60 1QD
Country: United Kingdom
Web page:
Interests: High pressure studies, Environmental science, Catalysis, Angle-resolved EXAFS, Liquids, SEXAFS, Nanostructures and superlattices, Time-resolved studies, Instrumentation, Coordination chemistry, Soft X-ray spectroscopy, Materials science, Combined techniques, X-ray detectors, Solid solutions, Quick EXAFS, XANES
Brief description of the work:
We study chemical reactions, compounds and intermediates at gas/solid and liquid/solid interfaces relevant for practical applications. Our aim is to determine the microscopic properties of these interfaces (e.g., geometric structure, composition, electronic properties) at the molecular level and to correlate these properties with the macroscopic behaviour under the conditions of practical applications.