Sidhartha Pattanaik

Name: Sidhartha Pattanaik
Title: Dr.
Institution: CFFLS, University of Kentucky
Address: S. J. Sam Wahlen Building, Room 111
City, ZIP code: Lexington 40506-0043
Country: USA
Interests: Glassy and amorphous systems, Liquids, Novel data analysis methods, Coordination chemistry, Materials science, Solid solutions, Quick EXAFS, XANES
Keywords: EXAFS, XANES, Glass, Ceramics, Aqueous and non-aqueous solution, ferroelectric materials.
Brief description of the work:
I use X-ray and Neutron diffraction and EXAFS techniques to study,

(1)local structure of ferroelectric and amorphous material using

(2)metal ion coordination in aqueous and non-aqueous solutions.