Peter Lay

Name: Peter Lay
Title: Prof.
Institution: University of Sydney
Address: School of Chemistry
City, ZIP code: Sydney 2006
Country: Australia
Interests: Environmental science, Biology, Liquids, Coordination chemistry, Soft X-ray spectroscopy, Combined techniques, Solid solutions, XANES
Keywords: Multiple Scattering, XAFS, XANES, Heme proteins, Cr complexes, Dinitrogen complexes, Dihydrogen complexes, metal-based NSAIDs, metal peptides, SRIXE, mammalian cells
Brief description of the work:
Current research involves XANES strudies and multiple-scattering analysis of XAFS of heme proteins, reactive Cr species, metal-based anti-inflammatory drugs, metal dihydrogen complexes, metal dinitrogen complexes and metal peptide complexes in high oxidation states. The species are being characterised in the solid state in solution and electrochemical XAS is being used to generate unstable or air-sensitive complexes. XANES and SRIXE is also being used to study the distribution and biotransformations of carcinogens, drugs and metalloproteins in mammalian cells.