Michael Kassmier

Name: Michael Kassmier
Title: Mr.
Institution: Brand X-Ray Co., Inc.
Address: 910 Westwood Ave.
City, ZIP code: Addison 60101
Country: USA
E-mail: brandx734@cs.com
Web page: http://www.brandx-ray.com
Interests: Environmental science, Liquids, SEXAFS, Soft X-ray spectroscopy, Quick EXAFS
Keywords: x-ray tubes, x-ray analysis, particle analyzers, composition analysis, x-ray research, stationary anode x-ray tubes
Brief description of the work:
Manufacturer of stationary-anode x-ray tubes for over 15 years. We have worked regularly with researchers in the field to develop new innovations in this field for which x-ray applications are required. We look forward to working with innovators and researchers in the field to helkp to develop tomorrow's new applications!