Mark Ruckman

Name: Mark Ruckman
Title: Dr.
Institution: Brookhaven National Laboratory
Address: Department of Advanced Technology
City, ZIP code: Upton 11973
Country: USA
Interests: Glassy and amorphous systems, Environmental science, Catalysis, SEXAFS, Nanostructures and superlattices, Superconductors, Soft X-ray spectroscopy, Materials science, Combined techniques, X-ray detectors, XANES
Keywords: XAS, electro-chemistry, bi-metallic systems, nanophase materials
x-ray scattering, metallic thin films, high Tc superconductors.

Brief description of the work:
Most recent use of XAS includes studies of changes in the oxidation state
of thin film battery materials and the effect of hydrogen uptake in thin
niobium and palladium films. I have used the technique to study alloy
formation in bimetallic systems and the oxidation state of metal
substitutions in high Tc superconducting oxides.