Mahalingam Balasubramanian

Name: Mahalingam Balasubramanian
Title: Dr.
Institution: Brookhaven National Laboratory
Address: Bldg: 480, BNL-DAS
City, ZIP code: Upton 11973
Country: USA
Interests: Environmental science, Soft X-ray spectroscopy, Materials science, XANES
Keywords: Materials Science, soft x-ray
Brief description of the work:
Current work focuses on the application of "in situ" synchrotron
techniques to the study of materials for rechargeable lithium
batteries. Argonne National Laboratory (1997-1999).
Research at Argonne centered on the investigation of the local atomic
and electronic structure of heavy metal dopants in electrochemically
deposited thin films. This research was relevant to environmental
clean-up and decontamination of storage tanks and piping systems in
nuclear installations. Doctoral research involved structural and
magnetic studies on a variety of condensed matter systems, such as
intermetallic alloys, nanostructured materials, superconducting
materials and rare-earth based permanent magnets.