Lin Chen

Name: Lin Chen
Title: Dr.
Institution: Chemistry Division
Address: 9700 S. Cass Ave.
City, ZIP code: Argonne 60439
Interests: Environmental science, Catalysis, Biology, Angle-resolved EXAFS, Liquids, Novel data analysis methods, SEXAFS, Nanostructures and superlattices, Time-resolved studies, Instrumentation, Coordination chemistry, Combined techniques, X-ray detectors, Quick EXAFS, XANES
Keywords: Time-resolved X-ray absorption
nanoparticle structures
metalloprotein structures
laser induced structural changes
Brief description of the work:
1. Studies of molecular structures of intermediate species in
photochemical and photophysical processes using time-resolved X-ray
absorption, diffraction with single laser pulse pump and single X-ray
pulse probe.
2. X-ray and optical polarization dependence of the molecules in
different media.
3. Photoinduced structural changes in biological, chemical and
physical process.
4. Surface structures of nanoparticles.