Geraldine Sarret

Name: Geraldine Sarret
Title: Dr.
Institution: CNRS
Address: LGIT, Universite Joseph Fourier, BP 53
City, ZIP code: Grenoble 38041
Country: France
Web page:
Interests: Environmental science, XANES
Keywords: environmental geochemistry, trace elements, metals speciation
sulfur speciation
Brief description of the work:
My main research area is geochemistry of trace elements in soils.
I study the speciation of heavy metals (Pb, Zn, Cd, ...) in
interaction with minerals, organic matter and plants using EXAFS
spectroscopy and micro-EXAFS.
I am also working on sulfur speciation in natural geopolymers like
kerogens and asphaltenes using XANES spectroscopy.