Eric Prouzet

Name: Eric Prouzet
Title: Dr.
Institution: C.N.R.S. Laboratoire Materiaux et Procedes Membranaires
Address: E.N.S.C.M.
City, ZIP code: MONTPELLIER F-34280
Country: FRANCE
Interests: Catalysis, Liquids, Nanostructures and superlattices, Materials science, XANES, soft chemistry
Keywords: soft chemistry, sol-gel, catalysis, amorphous
Brief description of the work:
Studies of materials synthesized through soft chemistry processes,
i.e. mostly at room temperature in water. These processes have been
applied to chalcogenides (nickel thiophosphate NiPS3), oxides (iridium
oxide IrO2) and ordered porous silicas.
Some studies delt with the structure determination of perovskite
such as PMN, PZN,...