Dong-Seok Yang

Name: Dong-Seok Yang
Title: Dr.
Institution: Chungbuk National University
Address: School of Science Education, Gaeshindong,
City, ZIP code: Cheongju 361-763
Country: Korea
Interests: Thermal vibrations and anharmonicity, Theory, Novel data analysis methods, Nanostructures and superlattices, Instrumentation, High temperature studies, Combined techniques, Solid solutions
Keywords: Anharmonicity, Disordered, High temperature, Regularization
Brief description of the work:
A flexible pair distribution function has been developed for
disordered systems or anharmonic vibrational systems.
The parameters in the function are related to local thermal expansion,
a characteristic temperature.
The hybrid method of Fourier transformation and regularization method
has been studied to improve r-space resolution.

(Selected recent papers)
1 D. S. Yang and S. K. Joo, "EXAFS study for slightly anharmonic
vibrational system", Solid State Communications, Vol. 105, No. 9,
(1998) 595-599.
2 D. S Yang, D. R. Fazzini, T. I. Morrison, L. Troeger,
G. Bunker, "Modeling of pair distribution functions for XAFS in
disordered systems", Journal of Non-crystalline Solids, 210 (1997)
3 D. S. Yang, G. Bunker, "Improved R-space resolution of XAFS
spectra using combined regularization method and nonlinear
least squares fitting", Physical Review B, Vol.54, No.5, (1996) 3169.