Anatoly Frenkel

Name: Anatoly Frenkel
Title: Dr.
Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, c/o Brookhaven Natl Lab
Address: Building 510 E, Brookhaven National Laboratory
City, ZIP code: Upton 11973
Country: USA
Web page:
Interests: Thermal vibrations and anharmonicity, Glassy and amorphous systems, High pressure studies, Environmental science, Catalysis, Novel data analysis methods, Nanostructures and superlattices, High temperature studies, Materials science, Solid solutions, XANES
Keywords: disordered alloys, nanoclusters, ferroelectric perovskites, metal-insulator transitions, beamline optics and detectors, metal proteins, humic substances and hydrophilic thiols, nanoscale materials, amorphous alloys dilute solutions

Brief description of the work:
My interestes include disordered alloys, in situ studies of bimetallic catalysts, pressure, temperature, dopant and grain-size induced phase transitions in ferroelectric perovskites, metal-insulator transitions, development of beamline optics and detectors, in situ study of metal proteins, interaction of metals with humic substances and thiols, development of EXAFS data analysis methods to study disordered and nanoscale materials, using XANES for structural studies of dilute solutions