IXS Conference Subcommittee

(as of March 1999)

Selection of the major committees is done by the Conference Chair(s) with the advice

of the EC and other members of the XAFS community. The current organizing

committee for the next meeting (XAFS XI) is:




Professor SatohiroYoshida

(Kyoto University) 

Dr. Hiromichi Kamitsubo


  General Secretary


Program Committee Chair


 Professor Takatoshi Murata

(Kyoto University of Education)


 Professor Toshiaki Ohta

(University of Tokyo)





 Contact Information


Takatoshi MURATA

Dept. of Physics

Kyoto University of Education

Kyoto, 612-8522. JAPAN

Tel: +81-75-644-8256

Fax: +81-75-645-1734